(1) Educational Objectives: (According to the aims set by the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau)

1.1 Guide students to understand the inherent cultural traditions and national characteristics of China, and enhance their interest in learning the subject.

1.2 Cultivate students' objective attitudes towards things and their analytical abilities, inspiring their thinking.

1.3 Cultivate students' good character and civic consciousness, nurturing their national sentiments.

(2) Subject Objectives:

2.1 closely align with the school's overall themes.

2.2 Enable students to understand the development of Chinese history and lay a foundation for lifelong learning.

2.3 Enhance students' thinking and analytical abilities through comparative and analytical approaches to historical events.

2.4 Enrich students' life experiences and enhance problem-solving abilities through the study of historical figures' words and actions.

2.5 Focus on assisting students in holistic development, enabling them to actively participate in society and contribute back to society.