Objectives of Home Economics:

The Home Economics curriculum at our school is offered from Form 1 to Form 3, with the following objectives:

  • Enhance students' self-care abilities and emphasize the important relationship between diet and health.

  • Understand how technology impacts our lives and create a high-quality life and home.

  • Cultivate positive relationships within individuals, families, and society.

  • Help students develop social skills and aesthetic abilities.


Distinctive Features of Home Economics Curriculum:

  • To enhance students' interest in learning and develop their abilities in inquiry, hands-on activities, collaboration, and self-learning, each level incorporates theme-based projects and research activities. The specific themes for each level are as follows:

  1. Form 1: Healthy and Low-Carbon Breakfast
    In this level, students explore the concept of a healthy breakfast while considering its environmental impact. They learn about nutritious food choices and sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint.
  2. Form 2: Plant-Based Diet
    The focus of this level is on plant-based diets and their benefits. Students investigate the nutritional value of plant-based foods, learn cooking techniques for plant-based meals, and explore the environmental and ethical aspects of adopting such diets.
  3. Form 3: Signature Cookies
    In Form 3, students delve into the art of baking and develop their own signature cookie recipe. They learn about different ingredients, techniques for making cookies, and the importance of presentation and creativity in food preparation.By incorporating these theme-based projects, the Home Economics curriculum aims to engage students, foster their creativity, and develop practical skills that can be applied in their daily lives.