Economics helps students understand the principles and reasons that affect people's daily lives, especially those related to consumers and producers. It provides important perspectives that enable students to fully grasp current social and national issues and understand the interdependence between different regions and countries. Hong Kong is currently undergoing rapid economic changes and is actively seeking to build closer relationships with mainland China while striving to maintain competitiveness in the global economy. Therefore, studying economics, which is closely connected to the development of the times, allows students to apply what they have learned to real-life situations.


This is a theory that emphasizes understanding how people make choices and makes significant contributions to the exploration of issues related to value orientations. Through studying controversial issues, students not only learn to use rational analysis as the basis for argumentation, but also become aware of the value judgments involved in their choices. Students must possess these abilities in order to make wise choices and enhance their personal cultivation.


This course aims to help students:


(a) Cultivate an interest in exploring human behavior and social issues from an economic perspective.

(b) Master the fundamentals of economics and gain an understanding of the world they live in.

(c) Develop the ability to analyze economic issues, make inferences, and engage in rational decision-making, thereby enhancing their lifelong learning skills.

(d) Become informed and responsible citizens who actively participate in the decision-making processes of modern democratic societies.





Basic Economic Concepts


Firms and Production


Market and Price


Competition and Market Structure


Efficiency, Equity and the Role of Government


Measurement of Economic Performance


National Income Determination and Price Level


Money and Banking


Macroeconomic Problems and Policies


International Trade and Finance



Elective Part 1: Monopoly Pricing, Anti-competitive Behaviours and Competition Policy;or
Elective Part 2: Extension of Trade Theory, Economic Growth and Development


HKDSE Curriculum and Assessment

HKDSE Economics Curriculum and Assessment Guide